rubydotnet - ruby/.net interop

rubydotnet is a .net interop ruby extension module.
  • Use the Microsoft .net framework and any other CLS compliant .net class library from ruby

  • Create user interfaces with Windows.Forms

  • Script in C#, VB.NET or JScript directly from ruby for speed

  • Embed the ruby interpreter in a .net application

ScriptingExtensions for .net

ScriptingExtensions is a class library that provides facilities that are useful for creating interop solutions between .net and a scripting language. Rubydotnet relies on this library, but the facilities of the library are not ruby specific. Some of these facilities are
  • Dynamically create typed .net delegates pointing to scripting (e.g. ruby) objects

  • Dynamically create object wrappers to script objects that implement specified .net interfaces

  • Dynamic C#, VB.NET, JScript scripting facilities, so e.g. performance bottlenecks can be implemented in C# inside the script
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